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What to do if you're lost or injured

If you become lost or injured in Alpine areas, please stay where you are. If you move about you'll be harder to find and you will use valuable energy. Have a look at the following tips to stay safe if lost or injured:

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  • Find a spot out of the wind and make a shelter. Leave something visible for searchers such as an item of colourful clothing, skis or snowboard.
  • If you're in the Main Range (above the treeline) area, do not drop down into the trees except for temporary shelter. The forest areas are dense and rugged and it can be almost impossible for helicopters to see people on the ground.
  • If you do drop down into the trees, when the weather improves, climb back up into the alpine area where you’ll be more visible to searchers.

High Plains, Kosciuszko National Park. Photo: Murray van der Veer