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Annual passes and entrance fees

Vehicle on the Barrington trail, Barrington Tops National PArk. Photo:John Spencer Copyright:NSW Government 

NPWS Exemption cards

Pensioner Concession card holders and EDA, Intermediate and Special Rate (blinded, TPI and TTI) pensioners are entitled to free entry into all NSW national parks and reserves by obtaining an NPWS Exemption card.

Applying for an exemption card is easy - please see 'How to apply' below.

To obtain free entry into any NSW national park or reserve, please display the NPWS Exemption card on the dashboard of your vehicle, unfolded, with the expiry date facing up and clearly visible.

 How to apply

  • First application: If it's your first time applying for an NPWS Exemption card, please send:
    1. A completed application form and;
    2. A copy of your Pensioner Concession card.
  • Renewing your exemption card: To renew your NPWS Exemption card (which you’ll need to do each year), please send a copy of both sides of your Pensioner Concession card up to a month before its expiry. You do not need to complete an application form to renew your NPWS Exemption card.
  • Please send to one of the following:
    Fax: (02) 9585 6831
    Mail: National Parks Contact Centre Manager, PO Box A290, Sydney South NSW 1232 
  • Please note that first applications and renewals cannot be made over the phone
  • Please write your name, address and phone number on the photocopy of your Pensioner Concession card to ensure that your name and contact details are fully legible.
  • Exemption cards will be posted to the address on the Pensioner Concession card. If you'd like your exemption card posted to an alternate address, please provide this at the time of application or renewal.
  • It takes approximately 10 working days from the time you send a copy of your Pensioner Concession card to receive your NPWS Exemption card, so please be sure to renew in good time. Exemption cards can only be posted by regular mail.
  • Exemption cards entitle free entry to any vehicle in which the exemption card holder is travelling. In some instances, photo identification will be requested by NPWS staff to ensure that the NPWS Exemption card holder is travelling in the vehicle.

We hope you enjoy your time visiting NPWS national parks. For further inquiries, please contact the OEH National Parks Contact Centre on 13000 PARKS (13000 72757).

Minnamurra River in Budderoo National Park. Photo: Michael Van Ewijk