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Head to Outback NSW

There’s no better time to explore the rugged beauty of our outback national parks than the cool winter months or sunny spring days. Start planning your outback adventure by taking advantage of the special deals and offers provided by our tour partners. Gaze at the stars when you stay at historic homesteads or shearers quarters, learn about our rich Aboriginal culture on a guided tour, discover 4WD trails, and get up close with native wildlife. With nature at its most spectacular and a world of exciting experiences on offer, it's never been easier to plan your outback adventure.

Rangers in Mungo National Park. Photo: Simon Hughes/OEH

The outback is cooler than you think

Kayaking in Cottadidda State Forest. Photo: D Finnegan/OEH

Special deals

These exclusive offers will make your visit to the NSW outback even easier. From great accommodation to award-winning tours, make sure you check them out.

Campers in Lake Cawndilla campground, Kinchega National Park. Photo: David Finnegan

Where to stay

Make the most of your visit to Outback NSW. These camping options in NSW national parks will leave you with lasting images of this incredible landscape.

Sunrise in Mutawinji National Park. Photo: John Spencer/OEH

Outback national parks

Our Outback national parks offer a surprising range of wildlife, heritage and Aboriginal cultural experiences. Go 4WD touring, camp under the stars and explore its vivid red landscapes.

Sand and clay formations known as the Walls of China. Photo: Ingo Oeland

Mungo National Park

Visit World Heritage Mungo National Park, home of the famous Mungo Lady and Mungo Man, and explore a place rich in Aboriginal history. Enjoy a walk or picnic, or camp near Lake Mungo.


Park entry fees apply.

Things to do
Places to stay
The dining room inside the Shearers' Quarters, Kinchega National Park. Photo: David Finnegan

Kinchega Shearers' Quarters

Located in Menindee near Broken Hill, Kinchega Shearers’ Quarters offer a glimpse into Australian pastoral history. Explore the nearby homestead ruins or take a guided tour of the woolshed.

Budget. Park entry fees apply.
Kinchega National Park
The bedroom of the Shearer's Quarters, Mungo National Park. Photo: Boris Hlavica

Mungo Shearers' Quarters

Stay in unique heritage accommodation at Mungo Shearers’ Quarters in Mungo National Park. Discover the area’s pastoral and Aboriginal history and explore Lake Mungo.

Budget. Park entry fees apply.
Mungo National Park
Mutawintji National Park. Photo: Ingo Oeland