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Seaforth Oval to Natural Bridge track

Important information

Alerts for Garigal National Park: closed areas, upcoming closed areas


Updated: 22/10/2014 12:32 PM

“This is a really rewarding walk for us – it gets the heart rate up and the spectacular views at the top make the effort that much sweeter.”

Seaforth Oval to Natural Bridge track is a scenic walk that’s full of history, but that’s not all that’ll get your pulse racing. The descent into Bantry Bay via the Timber Getters track is difficult and steep. About halfway down it crosses the historic Old Bullock track, which was constructed in 1856 to haul sawn timber from sawmills in ‘The Big Forest’ owned by James Harris French (after whom Frenchs Forest was named) to the shores of Bantry Bay.

At the end of the Timber Getters track, you’ll reach a rest area with toilets, once the site of the Bantry Bay ‘Pleasure Gardens' dance hall. From 1915 until 1973 however, it was part of the site of the Bantry Bay Explosives Magazine complex, which is what you’ll see today.

The Bay track follows the line of the waterfront and eventually winds its way up to the base of ‘The Bluff’. The climb is tough going, however you’ll be rewarded with spectacular views of Middle Harbour when you reach the top. From ‘The Bluff’, you’ll follow The Bluff track until you reach Natural Bridge track. For a longer walk, take Natural Bridge track to Davidson Park.


Getting there

Getting there:

This walk starts at Seaforth Oval, Wakehurst Parkway, Seaforth. To get there:

  • Make your way to Warringah Road, Frenchs Forest
  • At Blackpitt Reserve head south into Wakehurst Parkway
  • Turn right into Seaforth Oval (opposite Burnt Street)

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Vehicle access:

Sealed road - 2WD vehicles - All weather


Parking is available at Seaforth Oval, Wakehurst Parkway, Seaforth, and on Gratton Crescent if you start the walk at Forestville.

Important info


3.2km (one-way)

Time suggested:

1.5 hours each way



You should know:

  • It’s a good idea to put sunscreen on before you set out and remember to take a hat and plenty of drinking water
  • Remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch
  • It can be a busy place on the weekend, so parking might be limited

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- Alerts

Garigal National Park

closed areas

Construction of mountain bike tracks (Ends Tuesday 30 December)

At Bantry Bay  within Garigal National Park two mountain bike tracks are currently under construction: 
1. Serrata track in consists of 1.5 km single width track with the remaining 1.35 km as the Currie Road and Cook Street trails; and 
2. Gahnia track being 3.6 km consisting of 2.25 km single width track with the remainder as the Bluff and Engravings trails.
Helicopters will be used to deliver necessary materials from Forestville Park to sections of the track where conventional methods are not suitable and in order to reduce the construction impact on the natural and cultural features of the park. Walkers and bike riders should follow signage and verbal directions from the work team.  We apologise for any incovenience experienced. For more information go to
Natural Bridge walking track upgrade - Natural Bridge track to Davidson Park (Ends Thursday 30 October)

The walking track will remain open however walkers should follow signage and verbal directions from the work team. Walkers may experience minor delays or detours around small sections of the track whilst improvement works are undertaken.

upcoming closed areas

Closed areas: Bantry Bay mountain bike trail track works (Friday 24 October)Seaforth Oval to Natural Bridge track
Some areas of this park are closed due to helicopter lift operations on Friday 24 October from 7am until 3pm unless the closure is otherwise extended or removed. Closed areas include the walking track from Seaforth Oval to the Natural Bridge track and Bluff trail. For more information, please contact (02) 9472 8949 or visit the NSW national parks safety page.

Boat jetty, Garigal National Park. Photo: Kevin McGrath