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WilderQuest Learning

WilderQuest Learning is a free educational resource for students and teachers to explore natural environments, develop skills using interactive technology, and be inspired by our living world.

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From screen to classroom and into nature

This valuable digital resource is designed for Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3 students (Kindergarten to Year 6) and helps to increase their knowledge of nature through online games and activities. 

WilderQuest Learning is linked to the NSW Science and Technology, Human Society and Its Environment (HSIE) and the History and Geography syllabuses. It's also aligned with the Australian curriculum.

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Watch WilderQuest Learning in the classroom and the WilderQuest Learning excursion to Dorrigo National Park to see this award-winning program in action.

Ready to begin?

Visit the WilderQuest Learning digital resource and register as a teacher to start using WilderQuest Learning. You can also book a WilderQuest school excursion in a national park near you. 

WilderQuest Learning has been assisted by the New South Wales Government through its Environmental Trust.

WilderQuest rainforest background.