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Children using WilderQuest in nature. Photo: Nick Cubbin/OEH

WilderQuest Learning portal

A free educational resource for teachers. Get your students excited about our natural, living world.

WilderQuest Learning

Aboriginal culture for kids

Lead by an Aboriginal Discovery ranger, learn how important the environment is to Aboriginal people through an artefact presentation, traditional dance, bush tucker and bush medicine walks.

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Explore the rainforest in Royal National Park

Visit a rainforest pocket in the southern end of Australia's oldest national park. Investigate its plants and animals, and learn how living things adapt and survive in this environment.

Visit Bola Creek

Unlocking Heritage travel subsidy program

This program supports primary schools in NSW receiving Resource Allocation Model (RAM) funding. It includes school excursions at some of the most important cultural and heritage sites in NSW.

Unlocking Heritage travel subsidy program

Life and culture of Byron Bay

Through story, dance and creative expression, Arakwal Aboriginal guides present the life and culture of Byron Bay's Aboriginal people.

Dolphin Dreaming excursion

A whale of a time

What do whales eat, and how do they communicate? Take a deeper look at the ecology of whales on this school excursion in Cape Byron State Conservation Area.

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In-school education activities

Want to learn more about NSW National Parks and Aboriginal culture? Invite one of our expert rangers to visit your school for a unique lesson.

In-school education programs

What is a national park?

This award-winning teaching kit has been designed to teach students about NSW national parks, plants, wildlife, historic and Aboriginal sites.

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