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Fires, floods and park closures: Due to extreme weather in areas across NSW, some national parks and reserves have been closed for your safety. Click the arrow to find out more information.


Arch loop track

"We had great fun looking for stalactites and stalagmites, and watching the cave come to life in the glow of our head torches."

The best way to explore the mysterious Arch Cave is on the Arch loop track. This easy walk starts and finishes at the Borenore picnic area, simply cross the footbridge from the picnic area and it’s just a short walk to the cave.

Take your time along the walk to check out the rock formations, they are quite striking close up and feature black, orange and yellow striped markings. Once you’re inside the caves, go slow to let your eyes adjust, or flick on your torch.

Look to the roof of the cave for the stalactites that cling tightly and to the stalagmites that grow upwards from the ground. Do you know what happens when the stalactites and stalagmites meet? They become a column; see how many you can count.

Spend as long as you like in the cave, from here, it’s just an easy walk back through woodland to the picnic area.


Getting there

Getting there:

Arch Loop track starts at Borenore picnic area, approximately 1km from the entrance

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Vehicle access:

Unsealed road/trail - 2WD (no long vehicle access) - All weather


 Parking is available at the Borenore picnic area.

Important info


700m (loop)

Time suggested:

30 minutes



You should know:

  • Watch out for low roof levels or you may bump your head
  • Water levels in caves may rise very quickly during rain and thunderstorms. You should always check the expected weather conditions before entering any of the caves. If rain is predicted, you should consider putting off your cave trip till another day.
  • The ground in the cave can be slippery, so take care, wear sturdy shoes and take a torch
  • The oil on our skin alters the way stalactites and stalagmites grow and can even change the colour of the rock, so please look but don’t touch
  • Please do not damage or remove rocks from the area
  • Find out how to make your own stalactite or stalagmite at home

Wheelchair access:


Wheelchairs can access this area with some difficulty

  • Wheelchair access is possible across Boree creek and along a partially gravelled path to the base of the steps leading to the Arch Cave
  • Wheelchair access to Arch Cave is not possible
  • Wheelchair access to the woodland area may be possible with strong assistance as the walking track is across natural ground surface, note there are protruding rocks and a steep slope


Bathurst, Phone: 02 6332 7640

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A person walking along the track. Photo: Ian Brown