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Bald Rock National Park

“Colossal granite boulders perched strangely across the other is astounding enough to witness, but climbing to the summit is the most humbling thing I’ve ever done.”

Whether you’re planning a day trip from Tenterfield, or a short vacation from Brisbane, it’s well worth visiting Bald Rock National Park.

From Bald Rock picnic area, take one of Bald Rock National Park’s signature walks that lead to Bald Rock summit via Bungoona or Rockface walk. On these walks, you’ll take in views across the Northern Tablelands region, native Australian plants and animals, and of course, Bald Rock – the largest exposed granite rock in Australia.

Bald Rock picnic area has gas barbecues and picnic tables where you can while away the hours. And as it’s the only established picnic area in Bald Rock National Park, with plenty of shaded spots to escape the heat, it’s a popular place if visiting in summer.


Why you should visit

Bald Rock National Park is a special place, here are just some of the reasons why:

Conquer the granite titan
Bald Rock’s dome is 500 metres wide and 750 metres in length, and at close to 1300 metres above sea level, it feels like a remote ‘top of the world’ experience from the summit. Collections of granite archways, scattered boulders, ravines roping their way through the terrain and a pile of enormous smooth granite stones balancing strangely across each other, all await your exploration. The boulders, looming in and out of view as you make your ascent towards the crown, bear the majestic title of ‘Granite Titans’, and it’s easy to see why. Bald Rock’s water-streaked dome is the largest granite formation of its kind anywhere in Australia.

A peaceful trade
Bald Rock also served as neutral ground for three of the Aboriginal nations of the area: the Jukambal, Bundgalung and Kamilleroi. An important trade route for these three nations, meetings and trade occurred without each nation having to journey through the other territories, as Bald Rock was considered a boundary positioned fairly between each Country.

A picture to remember
From the summit, the best views are seen across winter and autumn, when the air is freshest and the light crisp. The colours are most dramatic at dusk, as the rock face hues change beneath your feet from orange to yellow. Be sure to take your camera, a flask of coffee, and wait till the sun sets to capture a photograph worthy of your living room wall.

Nature lovers
Following a good rain, the smells and colours of the bush really come alive; golden wattle trees bloom late in July as do wildflowers across spring, and the vibrant colours of the rock lilies, boronia and banksia are a sight to behold. Look out for the rare spotted tailed quoll, as well as possums, grey kangaroos and swamp wallabies on your tour through the park.

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Getting there


From Tenterfield:

  • Take the Mount Lindesay Road for 25km along a sealed road
  • Turn into the Bald Rock Access Road (also sealed) for 5km before reaching the Bald Rock picnic area

Get driving directions


 Opening times

Bald Rock National Park is always open but may have to close at times due to poor weather or fire danger.


Vehicle entry fees

In this park, vehicle entry fees are $7 per vehicle per day. Park entry fees are payable by a self-registration envelope and payment system. Please remember to bring the correct change to pay your vehicle entry fee.

 Close to

Bald Rock National Park is close to:

  • Tenterfield (25km)
  • Stanthorpe (74km)
  • Warwick (135km)
  • Lismore (180km)
  • Armidale (210km)
  • Toowoomba (216km)
  • Brisbane (290km)

 Public transport

Bald Rock National Park is not accessible by public transport.


Check out the Bicycle information for NSW website for more information.

Weather and climate

 Visiting through the seasons

There are lots of great things waiting for you in Bald Rock National Park. Here are some of the highlights:

Spring (Sept, Oct, Nov)

  • Wildflowers and the mild temperatures make spring a fantastic time of year for long walks and camping out

Summer (Dec, Jan, Feb)

  • Good camping weather as the temperature rarely exceeds 30 degrees

Autumn (Mar, Apr, May)

  • Clear crisp atmosphere at this time of year offers outstanding views from the top of Bald Rock

Winter (Jun, Jul, Aug)

  • Frosts and rare snow flakes overnight, followed by brilliant blue skies overhead and crisp, fresh sunny days.



  • The temperature ranges between 25°C and 28°C
  • The area's highest recorded temperature in summer is 38.3°C

Winter ­

  • The temperature ranges between 15°C and 18°C
  • The area’s lowest recorded temperature in winter is -10°C


  • The wettest month on average is January, the driest, August.
  • The area's highest recorded rainfall is 228.6mm in one day



Phone: 02 6736 4298
Street address: 10 Miles Street, Tenterfield NSW 2372
Opening hours: 8:30am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday

Bald Rock summit, Bald Rock National Park