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Sustainable tourism and visitation

Our national parks are important places for conservation and the community. NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is committed to providing park experiences that support local communities, and conserve our cultural and natural heritage. Many of our tour providers are ECO-certified by Ecotourism Australia - look for the ECO certification logo on their website.

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Whether it’s a horse riding trek through the alps, a rainforest bus tour or a spot of bird watching, ECO-certification guarantees these products and experiences are:

  • Backed by a strong, well-managed commitment to sustainable practices.
  • Provide high quality nature or culture-based tourism experiences
  • Give back to the environment in which they are operating

We have several ECO-certified parks including Blue Mountains National Park and Murray Valley National Park.

Partnering with Aboriginal Joint Management Committees, commercial tour operator partnerships, new low-impact visitor experiences, and high quality visitor information are just some of the ways NPWS is promoting sustainable tourism and visitation in our parks, now and for the future.

Kinchega National Park. Photo: John Spencer