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Gloucester Tops circuit

Important information

Alerts for Barrington Tops National Park: closed areas, upcoming fire bans


Updated: 22/11/2014 02:04 PM

“We’d never been before so we did the Gloucester Tops circuit to see as much as we could. I just loved the Antarctic Beech Forest and the amazing Gloucester Falls.”

The Gloucester Tops circuit combines three popular and scenic walks in Barrington Tops National Park into a longer 7km circuit. It’s an excellent option for a shorter day walk and a great walk to get a sense of the astonishing diversity within the Gloucester Tops precinct of the park.

Setting out from Gloucester Falls picnic area along Gloucester Falls walking track you’ll walk through open snow gum woodland to Andrew Laurie lookout on the edge of the escarpment and on to Gloucester Falls lookout. Taking the River walking track, you’ll wander amid sub-alpine woodland. Look out for swamp wallabies and grey kangaroos along this walk, and in summer, the bluebells, rice flowers and billy buttons are an extra treat. The Antarctic Beech Forest walking track features cool temperate rainforest with the canopy of Antarctic beech towering above the tree ferns and damp carpet of moss on the forest floor.

As you walk each track together or individually, keep in mind that you are walking through part of the Gondwana Rainforests of Australia. This landscape is millions of years old and plays a critical role in protecting rare and threatened species and sustaining vital resources.


Getting there

Getting there:

Gloucester Tops circuit starts at Gloucester Falls picnic area is in the Gloucester Tops precinct of Barrington Tops National Park. To get there:

  • From Bucketts Way, between Gloucester and Stroud.
  • Turn into Gloucester Tops Road and continue to Gloucester River
  • Continue past the river for approximately 40 minutes
  • Take the left fork to Gloucester Tops picnic area
  • Turn left here and continue to Gloucester Falls picnic area

Alternatively, the circuit can also be started from:

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Vehicle access:

Unsealed road/trail - 2WD vehicles - All weather


Parking is available at Gloucester Falls picnic area.

Important info


7km (loop)

Time suggested:

4 hours


Medium difficulty

You should know:

  • It’s a good idea to put sunscreen on before you set out and remember to take a hat and plenty of drinking water
  • Remember to take your binoculars if you want to birdwatch
  • If you’re bushwalking in this park it’s a good idea to bring a topographic map and compass, or a GPS
  • The weather in this area can be unpredictable, please ensure you are well prepared for your visit
  • Check the weather before setting out as the road to Polblue campground may close in heavy rain. Cold weather (including snow) can occur at any time of the year
  • There are picnic and barbecue facilities at Gloucester Tops picnic area

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- Alerts

Barrington Tops National Park

closed areas

Gloucester Falls walking track partially closed - Gloucester Falls walking track
Due to severe damage from an uprooted tree, Gloucester Falls walking track in Barrington Tops National Park remains temporarily closed. Visitors can still access the lookouts. For more information, please contact the Gloucester office on (02) 6538 5300 or visit the NSW National Parks safety page.
Winter road conditions in Barrington Tops
Visitors are advised to be prepared for extreme weather and driving conditions when visiting Barrington Tops over the winter months. As a bare minimum people should take with them:

  • Additional warm clothing
  • Food and water sufficient for all members of the party for the duration of the stay – with some reserve for unforseen circumstances
  • 3G or equivalent telephone capable of transmitting from remote areas (be aware that phone reception is extremely unreliable in most areas of the Barrington wilderness)
Additionally, walkers are advised only to attempt trips within the capability of their equipment and experience and to carry:
  • Up to date maps
  • Compass and/or hand held GPS
  • Suitable footwear
All people entering remote areas, whether by vehicle or on foot, should inform a family member or other responsible person of their travel plans and expected date and time of return. Visitors are also reminded that condition of the roads in Barrington Tops National Park can vary, depending on weather and level of use. This includes Barrington Tops Forest Road, which at times can be corrugated with potholes. Motorists are advised to be prepared for variable road conditions at all times, and to drive carefully according to conditions, includes reducing speed. For more information contact Gloucester Visitor Information Centre on (02) 6558 1408, Scone Visitor Information Centre on (02) 6540 1300, or call National Parks and Wildlife at Gloucester on (02) 6538 5300 / Scone on (02) 6540 2300.

upcoming fire bans

Fire ban (Sunday 23 November) A total fire ban has been declared by the Commissioner of the Rural Fire Service which includes this park. The total fire ban applies on Sunday 23 November for the entire 24 hour period. Total fire ban rules apply. This ban may be extended and any extension will be posted as soon as possible.
Find out more information about fire bans in parks and reserves including your responsibilities:

Yellow flower. Phtoo:John Spencer